I am making the fight people
against the power bad and pressure of the ruling attacking God

to free you from suffering and death .......

fredag 19. oktober 2018


why does the robber

always breaks down what's fine and what's good ?

the truth

when you understand and have been cleared the symptoms of the bad robber

then you also disarm his bad power

the truth frees !

that's why

to constantly experience
- there is a huge suffering around me -

the God with his robbers are suffering enormously  ..... all the time
that's why the bad guys

torsdag 18. oktober 2018

more support

the Norwegian abusing psychiatry as well 
needs all the world's robber and support
they can receive : p




the God and his robbers and people are enormously mobilizing

these days


it's hard to be the ..... center )

my center of goodness is being attacked by something bad
that also desperately likes to be the center :p


christian bandits

through generations: p

an unique universe

it looks like

me is the center , the goodness and the core

as all energy is circling

an unique and good universe

freed and good

  gradually the God can no longer promote and create energy of bad

all energy becomes freed and good


everyone is desperate
everyone is trying to achieve ..... goodness

sorry my clothing
I'm sweating

when and what

the God's robber has fallen

when falls the bad God ?

what will happen to this God or what it is ??


when God and robber trying to achieve goodness
they come to me .... with bad

I control the healing goodness and life

god and robber are trying all the time coming to me ..... the fight

the goodness that decides

to control

It's me that controls everything ..... all energy

with the healing goodness

I control the pressure bad and God too .......

it's just the way it is

attention and goodness

I am trying  to achieve goodness

but it seems impossible

the bad god and his robbers and energy
is desperately trying to rob all my attention and goodness

but I'm getting more and more control

more difficult

It's more difficult to accept and live with
a pain an injury or suffering that you know others are causing..... and not yourself

then you trying to promote a defense  to achieve an advantage
and creat a counter energy

a savage

the God is ...... savaging

the fight goes on

in addition to the good spirit

I also try to get an energetic counter pressure against this bad energetic god
to weaken his bad , energy pressure and power

all this bad pressure energy and power this God is creating  and promoting
there is also a energetic counter pressure ......

the blog

Jesus and robbers have the bible and  Jerusalem

I have .... the blog )

where is the God ?

i can not feel the pressure anymore

where is the bad God ?

has he fled ?

forced away .

anyway, he does not reach me

I do not know completely yet ........

still ruling

the God is still holding out

he is still ruling with his pressure and  bad

big bandits

it does not help good people to report

the police is dropping the  "big" bandits anyway

there are many - big - bandits that go loose

a lot of

trying to rule

itching in my  nose
snot in my nose
it moves in my nose
snivel snot

It's a whole eldorado of life bad and war
just up in my nose

also i am talking about the wounds in the  mouthed
lips  tongue  jaw etc.
an eldorado of life bad and war also there

skin and sweating

i am also talking  about my head my neck and back etc

the " devil " is trying to rule

he is desperate

onsdag 17. oktober 2018

put down

be saved - the robber says

put down the fight - I say

what a fight

sitting watching Norwegian Christian TV

what a life !!

what a fight !!


sitting and watching norwegian christian tv
three negroes who play nice rhythmic music
how about such integration ?

allow and let ALL people  have the opportunities to use their abilities and resources
in art and culture as well
do not gag  suppress and press down

this gagging and suppression is the cause of ALL problems

for 36 years
these public psychiatric ruling bandits have also gagged and pressed me down
It's not going to describe
What kind of suffering to me the world and society also this has led to?


to integrate =

to allow and let ALL people have the opportunities to use their abilities and resources

do not gag and suppress

to get rid of

these days

world and robber desperately screaming for .... God

I'm getting rid of ........


when this bad energetic god spirit or power getting forced to flee

then my body finally become a temple

for the eternal healing goodness and spirit ......

I'm finally .... alone )

an end

God's ravages are coming to an end

at Kjell's

sweat sneezing snot , wrong swallow  etc

this is also my content at Kjell's today

the energetic bad power is desperately fighting ........



just thinking about their own well-being

something so .... hideous

tirsdag 16. oktober 2018

to understand

I do not understand everything yet: p

i am just trying to survive

I just want to remind


It's not me fighting
the public robber or .... the doctor
but through 36 years
among many many others
the ruling norwegian  profession of doctors
as desperately trying to fight me
with their basic rule and terrorism basis
- diagnoses wrong and historics -
and for decades also compulsion and the injection

i am just trying to survive


the bad energetic pressure and god is falling
all the time

therefore he is angry and naughty
all the time

be patient

I am exposed to
a huge energy robber and naughty


do not worry about this - I say to myself
be patient
until the energetic ruling bad power - gets lost

how long ?

the ruling doctors
with their abusing , wrong and historics
are still trying to maintain themselves and all other public robbers' abuses bad and rule

How long will this historics last ?

when you have understood everything
then it's actually the top public robber bad and bandit ..... THE DOCTOR
who is desperately fighting for the rule of the world

the abusing doctor

also now this Norwegian Tolga case
focusing on diagnoses and public abuses

all tracks point in the same direction
against the great wolf and sinner ...... THE DOCTOR

to tear down today's  king and rule of this bad doctor
a ruler ALL are following

and how these bad doctors and rulers
with all their followers and helpers
through 36 years of abuses
they have also tried to fight good me

and I'm probably not alone

with this abusing doctor
the world's robbers holds up their power bad and rule

this is the whole essence and cause of the world's misery
the abusing  .... doctor

cause and guilt

all cause and guilt are lying on the society's power rule and robbers

by the way,
this  was well said Troninj

good and light

Kari !!!

my energy is so heavy and bad :p

it should not be

it should be good and light

robber diagnoses and historics

the ruling robbers and their diagnoses wrong and historics

when will this fall ??

no coffee

I always start the night by putting over the coffee

at the psychiatric department of Levanger
there was no coffee after 18-19

this the rulers decided

adult people are treated as children .... disempowered
....... unfreedom

the spirit

when I get into energy storms

I am nevertheless always ...... the spirit


the spirit is still being caught

the ruling energetic god pressure bad and power
keeps the healing eternal spirit of goodness still in captivity


it's leaks out more and more  .......

mandag 15. oktober 2018

my wisdom

to kill each other with God Jesus and Bible -
that's  the way to ..... loss

this is my life experience and wisdom


I feel tired

there is too much resistance


Kari ?
are you a christian ?

I can not do it
but I would like to be - answers Kari

needs challenges and problems

now I've spent all my savings on the financial needs , challenges and problems
for me and mine
and out of this I know that everything will be alright also in the future

so should Norway also do and think
with all its oil and wealth


my spirit is forcing


the world does not want it: p


damn this ... god

someone gets bothered
while others may be in peace


this way this god setting people up against each other

like that he rules

the cause

the Christian robber of Christian television is talking about ...... Paul
who worships ... the suffering and trials
then you are growing  spiritually - he continues

this i think is the cause of all the world's suffering :

the god and his  christian bandits

the threatening historics

my normal freshen resource strong and goodness
as the public bandit has attacked

with also

schizophrenic psychotic
insane and dangerous

now for 36 years
basically based on my little physical problem
and all these cruel abuses and persecution out of  this

is it now this historics that's pressing ?

they are now deprived of their ruling injection

Now, their ruling historics remains

a historics that's now threatening them .......


eventually I'm also considering  putting on norwegian Christian television
listening to what's bothering

a social worker must stay abreast of
the peoples struggling with constant new suffering and bothers

if you should be able to handle everything
you just need to be updated

see everything in full and true

all for their ...... rule

when living in the country of robber

you are exposed to a huge inspiration

It's SO MUCH to write about

if it not had been for the gagging and stifling psychiatry
with its compulsion and medication for over 30 years

yes, I could also have been a .... author

I do understand
that this country fosters many good and well-known authors and artists
for such a robber and inspiration
many may envy us

how many creative artists and how much creative power
they have killed with their psychiatry abusing persecution and medication

that's the question

all for their ...... rule

the doctor

everyone is following the doctor
also the police
if the doctor makes wrong and abuse
does not matter

ALL is following the doctor

the doctor is given ALL power