Monday, 21 January 2019

the robber fight and process

the world's suffering is enormous

I feel it on my body

the  robber and world desperately trying to make their suffering to mine ........

by robbing my  goodness ........


the earth    has never been more ....... flat


my head is heavy

i have trouble to sit upright

soon head falls down on the table

the freshly   brew coffee at Kjell's does not help

I meet resistance in my work

a lot of resistance

the world with snow

there is an enormous amount of snow in Trøndelag Norway

the wild life draws to the village


I actually  agree with the Norwegian Christian political  - Krf
and their  " dark men "

restrictions on different life and strange

I believe the world and human have become so  wrong and bad

that the time has come for human to need management

the time of democracy is over

i think

not sure

“ the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing ” ― Edmund Burke

the truth is the opposite

the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to fight  ― Troninj

but the fuck I'm not sure

Sunday, 20 January 2019

the world is struggling

when life is - two heads

such is the world

where man walks around struggling with his ........ "two heads"

bad or good

the point is whether you are bad or good

the wealth will never help the .... bad one

robber and pistol

no one should be raving with PISTOL
no one does well with PISTOL

nor the police

- let us keep and protect our Christian humanistic heritage
isn't that what everyone is screaming about

and you don't do that with ... pistol

i think

Saturday, 19 January 2019

the world's suffering

now it's just before I start to freeze

and have to dress again

i have just been through another bad robbing ...... sweat attack

the world's suffering is tremendous
I feel


kari believes that God is something human has created
kari is humanist - she says

myself  believe that God is a bad creature with two heads)


Kari has gone to visit her daughter for a while

i feel it's good to be  alone a little

Kari ???

Kari ?

do i inflict ?

 or is it the bad robber who is the intruder ???

sweat attacks

It makes me nothing to freeze
this is no bad and robbery

but - sweating

marking dirty and robbing good me with bad sweat attacks
all the time

at the slightest energy unfolding   = sweat attack

Friday, 18 January 2019

i can't be

kari !!!!

i can't be bad

i get sick of bad

why ?

why am I trying to get up

when I'm constantly being pushed down ??

a life experience

the psychiatric robbing abusers
create their own symptoms historics and diagnoses

if necessary

according to their own well-being

and this changes with time

# life experience

never good

either I have a huge suction and hunger and it hurts

or I'm stuffed ....... and it hurts

never ..... good

Thursday, 17 January 2019

robbery and suffering

the eternal power and goodness rules and creates

the robber robs and tears down
the consequences of this robbery are -  bad suffering misery and death

new considerations in the robbery

sitting and watching Norwegian Christian TV


they straighten their hands up and forward in their praise

and worship of God

out of action

i can't promote any my good energy

as long as this bad robbing pressure  ....... whatever it may be

is just robbing and pressing ALL the energy against me with bad

to much resistance

I really want to create something

but there is so much bad robbery and  resistance :p

the robbery of energy and goodness

I'm lying powerless on the couch
even though all my physical body good power and strength
are being robbed

but as I lie there
there is still something
......... my thoughts and sexuality

and then I think

my body and all energy can be suppressed and robbed
but the creative power - the eternal goodness
that creates all thoughts sexuality and all energy

that power cannot be ruled

but the bad robbery and suppression are huge today
trying to rob all good energy also the sexuality and thoughts

and like this rob the good power

something bad


I have a bad energetic pressure or something
inside my head

that robs my goodness

I have never get clarity in what this bad robbing is ???

there is not a spirit
but something energetic that  sucks  and robs my power and spirit of goodness ........

poor people

when people promote their hate speech and get sentenced
what about everything and everyone who is the cause of the hatred

it does not help to punish the people and  - this hate
when the cause is still there
people just need to be released

this repression is a dangerous way to disaster

hate is a consequence
no cause


sitting and watching tv


I feel this suppresses my good energy

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

the norwegian robbery

when it's about racism
then people and politicians stand up to fight

what about normal healthy resourceful Norwegian me
for 36 years have and still being robbed and  promoted
- insane and dangerous -

then NO ONE stands up
everyone is .... SILENT

every year


turns off Christian TV

i get tired: p

the dentist - my rescue

I'm being robbed

I have no energy

I can't shower


get a dentist appointment tomorrow at 10 am

that forces me into the shower: p

a Norwegian saying

if you get stuck with the public bandit

then you are also exposed to bad neighbors

not rested

kari !!!

I did not sleep well tonight

 I woke up that  my thoughts overpowered me

i feel tired and not rested :p

Verdal Norway

sitting at the Bohus center Verdal Norway
Innherredsbakeriet A / S Cafe

brew coffee

Kjell's is closed
for 3 days
trip to London
30th anniversary

the robbery

the bad robbing pressure

first to promote and  lead me into   a lot of energy
all kinds of energy

to put its robbing pressure and bad on

this is the robbery

such is the robbery of all good energy



i think like many other countries ..... unfreedom

but if it's true that China is one of the hotshot of their fight against religion

 then there must be a lot of good too

still robbing

the robbing bad .....

is still robbing my good thought and energy ........


when Kari is trying to translate the two norwegian words - sykebil and sykehus

 she translates - sick car and sick house ))

instead of - ambulance and hospital

kari like me is .......... Trønder

much greater

the salesman at the Norwegian grocery store Rema 1000

is much much greater than me

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

more truth and goodness

norwegian health service and mental health care

do not need more resources

but more truth and goodness

no art

still I can't make .... art

the bad robbing power has still the upper hand

I want to create
but a bad robbing power will just rob and tear down ......

next bother

what will be the next ....... bother ?????

who ??

who must give up ???

the robbing bad bully

or good me

the last robbery

now the power in the last bad robbery
is about to ebb away

a bad robbery
that now only involves physical bodily ailments
in all forms

the day's plague has been the ..... one

now the bad robbing power is  ebbing out
also in this - one -

again it needs ...... variation
another new physical .... plague

to maintain the bad robbing power .....

laws and robber

some great women and other robbers and strange
in the traffic
do not know what the duty of yield is

duty of yield rules and laws do not exist for these

my beard

I've cut and trimmed my beard too much on one side

it is not .... proportional: p

people today

no norwegian people greet speak or contacting  each other today
for example
outside or on the street

just me

and THEN they become ...... open
reacting with anger silent or hatred

my everyday life

my everyday life

everyone I meet
neighbors salesmen etc etc
everyone is angry and hateful

more and more

their bad and robbery over decades
is getting heavier ......

pizza hungry and good

making my pizza

I am mighty hungry

and then must Troninj be aware

hungry and pizza is...... good

then the robbing bad will attack ........

Verdal Norway

sitting at the the center building
Verdal Norway
Innherredsbakeriet A/S Cafe

waiting for Kari

she has gone to buy yarn


photographs and paintings ........... landscapes are boring

the bad robbing touch

clearing everything from the table
only the toilet paper   remains

now it's just me and this .... roll of paper

sneezing and snot runs .......
as it uses
for hours

the bad robbing ....
is once again busy putting its bad robbing touch .........